Occupational safety and health

In every business, it is important to have someone, who is in charge of workplace safety and health. However, if for some reason company does not have this kind of employee, there is a possibility to outsource the work environment specialist.

Our aim is to help small and middle size businesses to ensure occupational safety and health, when they do not have enough knowledge, time or human resources to do it themselves.

Why You should use work environment specialist services?

  • Lower costs: outsourcing a work environment specialist is generally more cost-effective than hiring a new employee and paying a salary.
  • Professionals: we have only qualified specialist, who are familiar with the health and safety legislation and their constant changes. Our specialists are trained and have practical experience in the field.
  • Time saving: leave all the work environment specialist activities, preparation of various documents to us and do what You are best at!

Our services:


We make sure that the working environment and documentation of your company are in compliance with the occupational safety and health legislation. After the internal audit, you will have an overview of the shortcomings and how to correct them.


Risk analysis is a very important document for companies to identify any hazards that could cause morbidity or environmental problems for workers. The analysis identifies cases that may arise while performing the job and examines their likelihood. The purpose of the analysis is to prevent such hazards and to reduce the number of accidents at work.


We create occupational safety posters for companies, these can be used on the premises, in work areas.


When a new employee arrives at the company, it is important to familiarize him / her with occupational safety instructions to avoid future health and environmental problems. We create safety guidelines for companies, to prevent problems with workers’ health and the environment.


The service is designed primarily for organizations that, for whatever reason, are unable to find a person within their company who would be responsible for occupational safety and health. The work environment specialist has a lot of responsibilities, from conducting an internal audit to the need to represent the company before the labor inspectorate.

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